Innovation partner in enterprise applications.

PegusApps develops custom software applications for enterprises and large organisations. Mobile, Web, Backend, IoT, AR, VR, AI, Computer Vision, Bot or Blockchain applications. We create new and added value, and align your business with the fast-evolving technological landscape. We solve your software challenges to increase your revenue, reduce your costs and make your organisation more efficient.

Mobile Apps

Implementing mobile innovations creates new business opportunities and new ways of engaging with both employees and customers. We're specialized in delivering the perfect solution for your needs, in an agile manner.

Native Apps

We build specialized apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone to leverage the full power of each platform, with optimal performance and adapted interface.

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid app works across all platforms, and is a low-cost solution to help reduce maintenance costs of your product.

UX/UI Design

Our expert designers craft beautiful intuitive user interfaces that perfectly match your branding. We deliver products and services that users easily understand and love to use.


We drive your business with a robust framework. We're also specialized in Payment Services, and integrations with ERP/CRM software.

Web & Backend development

We build specialized tools to manage your apps, to input or visualize data linked to your business.

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Internet of Things

PegusApps develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that bring together devices, cloud & data, sensors, ... We connect integrated hardware and develop software (mobile apps, cloud, api’s, etc.) to connect devices and machinery in various kinds of industries.
  • Embedded software
  • Hardware prototyping
  • iBeacon, NFC, ...
  • Device Connectivity
Picanol Case study: Picanol

3D on mobile

PegusApps gives enterprises the unprecedented opportunity to visualize all their information at the fingertips of a modern, global audience: we offer the opportunity to visualize and configure 3D models in real-time interactive renderings.
  • Interactive 3D models
  • 3D Environments
  • Architectural Visualisations
  • 3D Configurators
TE Connectivity Case study: TE Connectivity

TV Apps

Enterprise apps for Smart TVs or Apple TV can give access to specific resources and content collections, and they can offer access to real-time information like a production, sales, or a customer interaction dashboard.
TV Apps


Businesses can not risk ignoring how wearable technology is disrupting industries. As the practical business applications of wearables are seemingly endless, there will be a massive wearables explosion among businesses. They offer exciting new ways of performing workday tasks and improving enterprise productivity.
  • AppleWatch
  • Android Wear
  • Google Glass
  • Integrated Hardware

Car Apps

The automotive industry is entering unfamiliar territory as some of their most recent product innovations have little to do with driving. The basis of competition in the industry is changing. As the connected car rises to the surface, car apps could be on a the brink of a major breakthrough. There are multiple ways to develop apps for connected cars, and that is where PegusApps comes in.
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Head Unit Apps
  • Remote API
Car Apps
  • “PegusApps not only develops, but pro-actively engages themselves for our project. Their mentality to come up with the best solution, and their flexibility is both refreshing and motivating.”

    Davy Bockx, TE Connectivity

  • “In researching the applicability of mobile apps in the weaving industry, Picanol has found an excellent partner in PegusApps. The creative ways in which PegusApps tackled a number of technical difficulties, perfectly match Picanols way of working.”

    Matthias Marescaux, Picanol

  • “Working with PegusApps has been a very positive experience. They always successfully deliver what we require, their project management and delivery process fully reflects the company and the products they deliver: fast, effective, and very professional. We're also very appreciative of their flexibility and engagement to propose solutions based on our changing business needs.”

    Emily Allan, Project Manager, Worldline

  • “With PegusApps, we found a perfect partner to digitize our process flow: flexible, high quality and cost-conscious. Both we and our clients are very satisfied with the new app.”

    Arne Herrebrugh, Processmanager SkyLift