Innovation partner in software development.

PegusApps develops custom software for medium and large enterprises. We bring innovation to your company through Mobile, Web, Backend, Embedded, Internet-of-Things (IoT), M2M, AR, MR, VR, AI, Computer Vision, Bot or Blockchain technologies. We create new added value for your products and services, and align your business with the fast-evolving technological landscape. We solve your software challenges to increase your revenue, reduce your costs and make your organization more efficient.

Business applications

Implementing business applications means creating more efficiency, new opportunities and new ways of engaging with both employees and customers. PegusApps is specialized in delivering the perfect solution for your needs, to make your business smarter and more productive.


We build specialized user-friendly apps for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS to leverage the full power of each platform, using best practices for optimal performance and high security. We create native, web or hybrid apps according to your budget and needs.


PegusApps is specialized in developing secure backend systems that connect various services and devices. We build front-end administration tools to manage your application, to input or visualize data linked to your business.


We can drive your business by developing robust, high-quality cross-platform frameworks and SDK’s that can be used by IT professionals. We are experts in designing software architectures and have many years of experience with C++, which ensures portability to any platform possible.


Developing business applications means ensuring a seamless integration with company data coming from various sources. We are specialized in integrations with ERP/CRM/CAD/CAM software, and Payment Services.


Our expert designers craft beautiful intuitive user interfaces that perfectly match your branding. We deliver products and services that users easily understand and love to use.

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Internet of Things

PegusApps develops Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that bring together devices, cloud & data, sensors, ... We connect integrated hardware and develop software (mobile apps, cloud, api’s, etc.) to connect devices and machinery in various kinds of industries.
  • Embedded software
  • Hardware prototyping
  • iBeacon, NFC, ...
  • Device Connectivity
Picanol Case study: Picanol


PegusApps gives enterprises the opportunity to visualize all their information at the fingertips of a modern, global audience.

We offer the opportunity to visualize and configure CAD designs as real-time interactive 3D models, on any platform. We use Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) to enhance the real world with useful information or 3D models. We create Virtual Reality (VR) solutions to emerge the user in a full 3D environment to understand processes or experience the closest thing to reality without the need to physically travel on location.
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Microsoft Hololens
  • Interactive 3D
  • CAD visualization
TE Connectivity Case study: TE Connectivity

Artificial intelligence

Robots, chatbots, smart suggestions, driverless cars, better preventive healthcare, fraud detection, predictive algorithms and automated security are a few of the many practical  application when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. AI is already part of our everyday lives and will continue to expand human capability beyond our imagination.

PegusApps sees a bright future for AI and is working on projects implementing Pattern recognition, Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques.

One of the most frequently used facets of AI is Computer Vision, a niche in which PegusApps has years of experience.
  • Machine learning
  • TensorFlow
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotics


Blockchain has quickly advanced into becoming the go-to technology for businesses, public organizations and entire industries looking to revolutionize their business models.

Blockchain can be used for making and verifying transactions, streamlining business processes in the most secure way possible today. It can save costs and reduce potential for fraud in finance, administration, contracts, data sharing, supply chains, quality control, asset allocation,… fundamentally changing the way we think about exchanging value and assets.

PegusApps develops solutions based on the most powerful frameworks available and provides custom-made enhancements to take your business to the next level.
  • Secure cryptographically
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • BcE by Emercoin
  • Blockchain as a Service

Embedded software

With the rise of IoT devices and robots, the need for quality embedded software is higher than ever.

Embedded software lives all around us. Nowadays almost any electrical device has it in some form. Unlike application software, embedded software often has fixed hardware and safety constraints. This requires the necessary domain expertise.

PegusApps has the right skillset and experience to provide embedded software for any robot, device or sensor that needs to perform complex tasks and at the same time be connected to cloud infrastructures or mobile platforms.
  • Embedded Linux
  • Drivers
  • Applications
  • RTOS
  • Mainly written in C/C++
  • High quality and reliability
Embedded software
  • “PegusApps not only develops, but pro-actively engages themselves for our project. Their mentality to come up with a solution, and their flexibility is refreshing and motivating.”

    Davy Bockx, TE Connectivity

  • “In researching the applicability of mobile apps in the weaving industry, Picanol has found an excellent partner in PegusApps. The creative ways in which PegusApps tackled a number of technical difficulties, perfectly match Picanols way of working.”

    Matthias Marescaux, Picanol

  • “Working with PegusApps has been a very positive experience. They always successfully deliver what we require, their project management and delivery process reflects the company and the products they deliver: fast, effective, and very professional. We're also very appreciative of their flexibility and engagement to propose solutions based on our changing business needs.”

    Emily Allan, Project Manager, Worldline

  • “With PegusApps, we found a perfect partner to digitize our process flow: flexible, high quality and cost-conscious. Both we and our clients are very satisfied with the new app.”

    Arne Herrebrugh, Processmanager SkyLift