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Apps Events Posted on Jul 17

Workshop HoloLens & AR in Business / 12th July 2017

PegusApps HQ – For many years PegusApps has experience in Augmented Reality which has expressed itself in several apps such as Scan3D or the Pools App. The app developer decided to share this wisdom and organized a workshop with the usage of the Microsoft HoloLens in center position. Seeking opportunities in Augmented Reality for Businesses was the main goal.

After a soothing drink and chat in the garden of the headquarters of PegusApps, the guests were given an introduction to the company and its accompanying philosophy. While everybody was aching to try out the HoloLens themselves, there was a short introductory presentation on the different kinds of ‘Reality’ and how they can be used in a professional setting.

Mixed Reality

We all heard of Augmented Reality but what does it mean now and how does it differ from Virtual and Mixed Reality and how can it be implemented smartly in our enterprises? The logical thinking path here is the gaming industry or entertainment industry where countless VR apps are already spreading across the globe. But can these technologies also offer a smart solution for the construction industry or public healthcare?

Augmented Reality is a live, direct or indirect manner to add an image or layer as you may, to the physical world thanks to the aid of a computer.

Mixed Reality is the combination of the physical and virtual world to create a whole new environment and thus to fulfill a complete visualization of all physical and virtual objects and the interaction between them. At the moment this is best applicable with the technology of Microsoft HoloLens.

After the presentation the guests could try out themselves some Augmented Reality apps made by PegusApps. Of course the Microsoft HoloLens was also present to explore with several gaming and non-gaming applications and there was a showcase by some of the Howest students.

Swimming Pools App

PegusApps developed a cost saving app that immediately shows the 3D model of your dream project. In that way the representative can help the future customer on the spot without going back and forward to get a model being made any longer. Among the pool builders in the region Willy Naessens Swimming Pools is using the app and claims to save time and money for each business proposal they make to their prospects. This app is a perfect example of a technical Augmented Reality App but thanks to its concept and usages it really is almost a Mixed Reality app without the need for a – at the moment – rather expensive HoloLens.


A purebred Augmented Reality App also developed by PegusApps is Scan3D. Thanks to the app you can spectate 3D models in a 360° spectrum just by scanning a symbol. It’s a clever way to enhance your physical information with computer made data such as 3D models, movies, images, websites and so on.

Showcase NMCT

An interesting addition to the workshop was the presence of some NMCT students of Howest. They had developed an app for their thesis in the 2nd year. The App was developed for the HoloLens and aided users in a smart way to construct an IKEA chair by showing the correct moves in a virtual way.

Microsoft HoloLens

The HoloLens is the first holographic computer that runs on a mobile-like version of Windows 10. It’s a computer on its own and does not need any connection to other devices. The HoloLens allows you to pin holographic objects in the real physical world.

  • The HoloLens uses holograms. A hologram is an object equal to an object in the physical world except it has no mass and is made solely out of light.
  • Holograms can be looked at from all angles and perspectives.
  • Holograms have no physical resistance because they contain no mass.

The workshop was closed with lots of inspiring ideas how we can implement Augmented Reality today with the existing mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Either to save costs, save time or to help customers in a better and smarter way thanks to the usage of Augmented Reality and a smartly developed app we can get more out of the physical reality.

Do you also wish to join a workshop on Augmented Reality in professional settings, or do you wish a session at your company with the Microsoft HoloLens? Don’t hesitate to contact us!