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Philosophy News Posted on Apr 13

Why we don’t want to be a slave driver in a 38-hour week

We allow our employees to freely decide on how they arrange their workhours. 38 hours or 20 per week? Doesn't matter, they'll get paid their full monthly wage. Since our inception in 2011, we have always invested in increasing job satisfaction instead of following a strict timing. Because our belief is that having fun and flexibility in your job leads to better results, rather than focussing on the amount of hours worked. Project-oriented working and having confidence in our employees has proven itself with five years of good results.

PegusApps offices

We followed the discussion in our government about reforming the 38-hour workweek with amazement. Can companies in this day and age still function by basing themselves on a time-registration based system, dating from the industrial era? The strictness of the 38-hour workweek has resulted in producing massive traffic jams, overcrowded childcare and unnecessary stress.

Here at PegusApps, everyone works according to their own insight. We all know the company objectives, and we manage our work accordingly, by our own schedule. No fixed number of working hours per week, but working with actual enthusiasm towards good results. Have you worked for 20 hours one week, and 50 the next? No problem. Do you prefer to work at home rather than at the office? As long as you reach your objecives, you'll get paid 38 hours.

Managing partner Wesley Lorrez: "Many companies see a system of flexible working hours as a way to save on wages when it's less crowded. And to save on paying for overtime when it's busy. But that's a completely wrong attitude. The only thing that matters is that everyone has a stable monthly income ".

And yes, there are people who try to abuse this way of working. But we notice this pretty quickly, and usually find that they don't have the necessary passion for the job, or are not independent enough to take on this responsibility. Even if employees are ill, they are not required to present a doctor's note, and are just paid. Also holidays can be freely chosen and planned.

Trust and confidence in our employees is the foundation of our entire organization. We only keep track of the working hours for a correct billing towards our customers. This allows us to see if our estimates correspond with the actual hours spent on a project.

This is the way our employees have been working together in a successful company, which is also a fun place to work. They can pick the quietest moments to go to the store, avoid traffic jams, take their children to school without stress, or spend the day just walking or exercising, ...

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