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Events News Posted on Nov 05

WebSummit Dublin

This year we visited the WebSummit in Dublin, the world greatest Tech Fest. It featured a lot of interesting talks about all things around technology and business. Over 1000 speakers from all over the world (including Slack, Microsoft, Forbes, ...) gave their insights on interesting topics.
In total there were 42.000 visitors, from 134 countries. There were also 150 Belgian start-ups, showcasing their products & services. It's very promising to see that there are quite a lot of evolutions happening in all kinds of industries, this gives us lots of perspectives towards the future. 

In one of the presentations we saw, Elisa Steele from Jive Software, gave her insights about the future of the workplace. She outlined how we will work in the future, and which requirements employees will have when searching for an appropriate company to work for. Working remotely and the flexibility to work at anytime and anywhere will become priority when job hunting. At PegusApps we're already providing these flexibilities to our employees. It's a real motivator for our people to already benefit from this. This shows again we're always trying to stay ahead of the competition, by the ways we work, the technologies we use, and the products we deliver for our clients.