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StartApps, a new ecosystem to promote start-ups

New project stimulates co-workers to innovative start-ups

June 2017

Kortrijk/Brussels – PegusApps now offers her co-workers the chance to participate into their projects as stakeholders. The project is called StartApps and stimulates the creation of new start-ups. Each co-worker with an innovative idea can initiate a start-up within StartApps. PegusApps develops custom software solutions for enterprises and large businesses.

The team members of PegusApps can participate in StartApps without any financial commitment and are automatically a stockholder together with their fellow colleague-stockholders. Then they can work on these projects on an independent base asides the work they deliver for PegusApps itself. The participating employees have 49% of the stock where PegusApps holds 51%. This offers the company a way to invest labour hours into the projects and support the participants with the existing production system, network, Intellectual Property support and so on. The moment a project becomes profitable, the employee-stockholders immediately benefit as well in a direct manner from the new successful start-up.

Founder of PegusApps Wesley Lorrez created this initiative to offer his colleagues more chances in self-development: “It’s the proof that we trust our co-workers and it offers them the possibility to actively think and invent creative solutions. I wish to summon all co-workers with great ideas to exploit those ideas and in that fashion to create their new start-ups without the financial risk so they can participate as a stockholder in the StartApps project. I have lots of trust in my employees and I want to offer them the opportunity to grow even more.”

PegusApps counts a thirty some members and at the time being already 9 enthusiastic participants of PegusApps have joined the StartApps project: Mike Slembrouck, Mitch Van Looy, Pieter Zuliani, Mathieu Braekeveld, Smail Hammour, Thomas De L’Arbre, Laurent Schauvliege, Marc Jordant, Tom Deblauwe and Wesley Lorrez.

Progressive working environment
This way the software company wants to continue building their unique and innovative way of entrepreneurship. PegusApps was co-founded in 2012 by Wesley Lorrez and helps enterprises and large businesses to take and keep advantage thanks to cutting edge software and application solutions. By continuously using the latest and newest technologies they can offer their clients a bigger return on investment and help them to save significantly on overhead cost.

The unique highlight at PegusApps is that since the beginning they have been advocating a very independent and project focused way of working. Especially millennials and members of gen Z are supportive to this new way of working. Trust in the employees is very important and everyone works in terms of projects and tasks and not according to a fixed set of hours such as in traditional companies.

PegusApps resides at inspirational base in a country-side setting for project meetings or just to come together with other team members. Everyone is considered commuter and works according to their own schedule. The rigid discussion about the 38 hours work week is something that has been found odd. Working at PegusApps means being judged at the efforts. They can choose their vacation as they see fit and when sick there’s no need for any paperwork or registrations. Abuse or a lack of responsibility tends to show rather quickly, notices the founder.

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