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News Philosophy Posted on Sep 02

Robots will force us to rethink societies for good.

It’s inevitable to acknowledge that robots will be part of our daily life as much as we already integrated the telephone into our lives, and that robots are as well here to stay. And as with each new revolutionary technology comes debate on possible benefits or downsides. However this debate shouldn’t be accounted for in the context of today’s society. We need to rethink societies once and for all. The coincidence may occur that the upraise of robots comes simultaneously with the extreme evolving globalization of the world which has a pending transformation towards a whole new society yet to come.

PegusApps with its 20-some engineers, a small company in Belgium, is already pondering on the thought how robots will change societies permanently. Which functionalities will cause the major shifts. They shared a closer insight on these ideas right here. Ready to change once and for all?

“Imagine a world where robots do most of the work for us, where robots are trained to be a doctor and where robots deliver us all our products we need. Would it make us humans unnecessary? Not at all!” We hear Wesley Lorrez, founder of PegusApps. “First, this is a total different subject then we are discussing today, however, I do want to say that a robot driven society will make us, humans, even more smarter, healthier and enable us to move way beyond our current boundaries. In fact, it seems that we might not evolve but devolve without robots to help us. A great topic for a next discussion.”

Wesley has a broad, well-thought vision on how our robot society will be in the future. He imagines a society where we don’t need large factories any longer, no need for large buildings as hospitals and schools. Freeing up so much space that we could probably life with > 50 Billion or even 100 Billion people on our planet Earth while nature will be more respected then it is today. It seems like a great place to be.

“A place where humans and robots live in pure balance with nature. Where humans are free from technology and can focus on their human relationships and their own body, mind and soul. A world without structures as we know them today. There will be no more money!” he claims and continues: “Finally, the old money structure will be gone since there will be no need any longer, robots will seed, grow, harvest and produce all our goods, for free.”

Not a coincidence that PegusApps just announces the release of their first start-up called Toadi, which is, that is right a robot. Toadi is a fully autonomous outdoor assistant that will mow and clean your lawn, protect your property, provides security for your family in order to bring peace to its owners. (www.toadi.com)

“In a robotic society there lays the opportunity for much more change,” thus the founder of PegusApps. “Our society will be transformed in all its aspects and will be unrecognizable compared to today’s one and the one we have known for over the past 2000 years. Imagine a world where we can all live in peace with each other, a sustainable, healthy and fair world, isn’t that the oldest desire mankind ever had? And it could finally become true?”

He continue to envision by predicting that in this society we will finally have time to devote to our own health, body, mind and soul. As well as we will have time for our human relationships and to help everyone around us who is in need. He even predicts there will be no longer jails, since we will be focused on helping everyone, all those in need. We might have a closed environment for those that are a real threat to society at that time. However, they will be helped very hard to find the root cause, solve it and thus creating a meaningful life after all.

A society where most of the economic activities happen at home. Again thanks to robots, such as 3D-printers, we will be able to build homes for everyone and make sure we can have an economic facility in each home, with nano-machinery, driving a new local economy in a global world.

A society where everyone can manage his personal life without stress or forced circumstances. A society without a real agenda, no need any more to drill people to work from 9 to 5. Not even for schools. He is confident all those large buildings will be gone. Making lots of place for humans to life and work on their location, and they will be living with a zero ecological footprint.

Everything will happen locally, you will have a home-hospital very near, you will have a small enterprise part in your home, robots will seeds, grow, harvest and deliver you all the food needed. And all of this for free and instantly, with an zero ecological footprint.

It does sounds too good to be true, however, we silently hope that Wesley’s vision will become true one day.