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News Philosophy Programming Posted on Aug 03

Internship at PegusApps

Interview with intern Siemen

Siemen did his internship at PegusApps since the end of March and prolongued that period with a vacation job this summer. We had a talk with him about his findings and experiences.

What immediately stands out, are the strong reactions on both sides. PegusApps as well as Siemen were sure a student job during the summer holidays was an obvious consequence.

At PegusApps he could work out a project independently. During the development of that project he learned new techniques. For example his scholar knowledge on GIT (version control system for tracking changes in code in the development of computer programs) was extended with a professional manner in working within GIT. During his internship he should count on guidance of a Project Manager.

The project involved keeping track of employees’ hours. He developed an API that was in contact with JIRA, a system that PegusApps already uses to keep track of the hours and projects made by developers. The goal was to automatically track more calculations and more details of performance and ongoing projects. For this, Siemen developed a dashboard for PegusApps.

First work experience in a flexible environment

From Siemen’s perspective, this first working experience at PegusApps was immediately a unique and interesting one, so he claims. His internship did go unnoticed by his classmates. The way he could work from home and some guidance of a Project Manager was at time very hard, but a good experience. At first he found it a bit difficult to maintain the self-discipline to wake up on time and thus had to plan in extra working time at night but ongoing he found a way and discovered that the flexibility carries a great advantage to fulfilling his job. An overall pleasant time to step into professional world of IT. He mentions as an example a somewhat less pleasant experience one of his classmates had. More traditional companies also offer little guidance or assistance although the physical present was there since everyone came to an actual office, apparently just to sit next to one each other but not always guaranteeing a better form of communication. Hierarchy also could work obstructive while Siemen advocates a smoother structure which he experienced at PegusApps first hand as a very positive way of organization.

School experience

Siemen chose an Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, although he would prefer to have studied in a more academic way. That’s exactly the reason why he will apply for finishing his Master Degree after the holidays. But not after continuing his project at PegusApps. The collaboration between the intern and PegusApps was that positive, Siemen is extending his internship with a student job during the Summer. “I think it’s more fun to analyze and to architect, to study the operation of certain algorithms,” says Siemen. “That really interests me as well as Artificial Intelligence.” Developing his own apps, he also  takes an interest in but he finds it a very competitive thing to do and it requires lots of creativity and perseverance to be successful on your own.

The job expecations of Millenials and Generation Z

If we ask Siemen if he chooses a dream job or rather financial stability, he immediately chooses the dream job. He finds it very important to be able to do a job later on that he really likes in doing so. He’s not that worried about the future. Confident enough to say that there are plenty of jobs remaining in IT. Even the plausible threats of Artificial Intelligence taking over some IT jobs  doesn’t scare him.