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News Posted on Nov 25

Hendson: Helping instead of advising

Early in 2016, Wesley Lorrez - CEO of PegusApps - met up with partners from Hendson, a team of pragmatic hands-on managers. Wesley requested Hendson to help out for about a week per month in setting up the new firm of CadAltro.

As Iemke Kuijper from Hendson explains: “CadAltro is a unique concept, that has developed the only application bringing CAD to mobile by interacting with a company’s back end system. It integrates with all relevant, multi-format product data sources, especially CAD/CAM systems.”

With their broad expertise in Sales, Finance and Project Management, the three Founding Partners of Hendson (Frank den Brok, Iemke Kuijper and Steven Martin) were the perfect fit to support the very lean leadership structure that CadAltro had put in place.

Davy, CEO of CadAltro, elaborates: “Our main focus when setting up the company was on our team of senior software developers, not on adding a heavy management layer. However, we did need regular support to define priorities, decide on user-friendly functionality, build a commercial pipeline and manage our development timeline.”

As opposed to many high-level consultancy companies, the Hendson managers became an integral part of the CadAltro team and delivered pragmatic day-to-day results. Coupled with a price point aligned with the realities of a start-up, this has delivered true, practical value for CadAltro.

“Standing back to observe and advise without getting involved is easy, but actually pitching in and creating tangible and immediate results is much more challenging and satisfying” says Frank den Brok.

Adds Wesley: “Having such a broad set of senior experience on call meant we could discuss sales challenges one day and financial issues the next, all under the same fixed monthly fee. It was like having our own senior management team, without the long-term commitment or cost.”

CadAltro has now successfully launched the latest version of its software and is in advanced talks with several major manufacturing companies for the implementation of their unique solution.

Steven concludes: “Our Hendson team-members have built their careers in international corporate- and governmental environments, spanning the worlds of finance, telecommunication, manufacturing, defense industry and training. This makes for a powerful mix of experience. We are extremely proud to now bring these combined skills to young companies such as CadAltro in order to boost their growth. “

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