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News Philosophy Posted on Aug 17

Copywriting for PegusApps

Writing articles on the latest technology topics is much more than a job assignment.

How I started writing for PegusApps

When I started writing for PegusApps more than 10 months ago, I had no idea what this new journey would be like but I suspected it would be fun. I was proven right. Not only has getting to know the brilliant, young PegusApps team been great but being challenged to think about new angles on the latest technology trends we are witnessing has been inspiring and very useful to me as a writer and a digital marketer.

What is it like to write about technology?

Whether it’s an article on IoT, mobile apps, enterprise innovations, augmented reality, bots, self-driving cars or blockchain, each new topic suggested by the PegusApps marketing team or invented in collaboration with them has prompted a creative process which I happen to enjoy immensely. As a digital marketing consultant, which is what I do when I am not writing, I am confronted with tech trends on a daily basis but on a more practical scale. I rarely get to think about what prompted these trends, what they mean for humanity or how they would develop and affect our lives in the future. As much as these are all interesting topics to consider, there isn’t enough time in the day for conceptual thinking and tech-dreaming.

Thanks to PegusApps, however, I now get to do that on a regular basis, and I get paid for it, too! Writing about what is happening around us in terms of new innovations, evolving technologies or business trends is forcing me to rethink my own mind frame and opinions on these topics. Writing about something so conceptual at times is like explaining it to a child, even though our readers are much more mature and intellectually advanced. I still have to write it in a way that it would make sense to an external person who isn’t in my head and can’t see things the way I do. And to be able to do that, I need to be clear on where I stand on the topic at hand, in addition to being knowledgeable enough to write about it. This means I get to do lots of research on topics that luckily interest me quite a bit and I am passionate about. Thus, to me this doesn’t feel like work and rather like a hobby that I need to find the time to engage in.

The creative process helps me escape the mundane

Writing is something I enjoy doing and consider myself fairly good at, and having the opportunity to do it on a regular basis makes me very happy. Although not my primary activity at the moment, it is an activity that helps me break the routine of my consulting days where creativity isn’t always applied and unchecked self-expression – not often appropriate. I think it certainly helps that I work in the industry and the concepts I am reviewing in my Insights articles aren’t completely novel to me. Yet, I always manage to learn something new in the process of my research and preparation for the articles, which often involves the internet as a source but also friends and PegusApps colleagues who are also knowledgeable about the topics. This allows me to, with their help, craft some unique thought pieces that don’t just replicate the next blog post on the topic but try to bring in a fresh perspective and true insights that our audience may not have considered previously.

Why Insights?

It is our goal to help enterprise-level decision makers consider their options when it comes to new technologies and concepts, evaluate them from all sides and make informed and timely decisions with regards to digital transformation processes. The future of digital is now and the better prepared you are for it, the less catchup you’ll need to do in a few years. We’d like for our Insights articles to serve as a guiding beacon during such organizational and enterprise transitions.

copywriter: Ina Danova