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There's an estimated 1.2 million apps in the App Store. Google's equivalent has even more: 1.3 million. It seems safe to say that there is in fact an app for every aspect of our daily life. From a business perspective, enterprise apps are also on the rise. This will not come as a surprise, as mobile apps can benefit your enterprise in numerous ways.

The apps we are accustomed to in our daily lives, have raised the bar for the enterprise software we use at work. By making enterprise software easier, more intuïtive and more user-friendly, your employees will become more productive and more motivated. Shorter runtimes, faster and easier access to vital business intel and an improved business support are only a few of the many benefits mobile connectivity may have for your business. According to SAP, employee productivity is 40 percent higher in organisations that implement mobile apps in all hierarchical layers.

However, the impact on your organisation is even bigger than this. Implementing mobility not only hands your employees the intuitive tools to be more productive and work more efficiently, it also gives your organisation the opportunity to drastically change its course. By adding mobility to your organisational mix, you are able to transform every aspect of your business - from assembly lines to customer interaction - giving you a substantial advantage to your competitors.

Less costs = more profits

An important motive in implementing mobility, is cost reduction. Using mobile apps in your organisation gives you the opportunity to simplify expensive and cumbersome processes, saving you a tremendous amount of money. Allow us to illustrate this with an example of one of our esteemed clients.

TE Connectivity is an international enterprise that designs and manufactures sensor solutions for a variety of complex industries. The company has sales representatives all over the world. TE360, the comprehensive sales app we developed, allows them to showcase their industrial telecom products in an interactive virtual tour. The app helps configure products in 3D according to customer specifications, and has all data collateral constantly at hand. The app allows TE Connectivity to save a tremendous amount of money on marketing collateral, it saves time on distribution of sales material and replacement of obsolete materials, and also reduces printing efforts and costs substantially. By digitizing all of its data collateral, TE saves a yearly print cost between 2M$ - 3M$.

Optimizing processes augments profitability

An organisation's profitability not only depends on its production speed, but also on logistics and its interaction with suppliers and customers. Mobile apps can improve your operating ways in all those fields and give your organisation a considerable advantage on your competitors.

Consider this client case. Skylift is a service company with hundreds of technical engineers in the field. These service employees used to fill out paper work orders that had to be entered into the system manually. Thanks to the mobile application PegusApps developed, technical engineers on the road can now fill out digital work orders that are sent directly to a central database, resulting in a dramatically increased efficiency and higher profit margins.

Business intelligence is crucial

In order to cut costs, increase profits and optimize processes, one thing is crucial: data. An organisation that wants to improve its way of working, needs a clear insight in its business. As far as business intelligence goes, apps can also help your business to make a difference.

Consider the Energy App we developed for Picanol. The app allows the operator to analyze and optimize the machines’ electrical and air usage. Through a number of orderly graphs, the machines' usage can be monitored, different configurations can be compared and their impact can be measured immediately. All of this information, of course, can be used to find the right configuration for each machine.

In various ways, mobility gives your organisation a head start to your competitors. Mobile apps cut costs and increase profits, they allow you to optimize business processes in every layer of the company and they offer your employees the necessary tools to become more efficient and more productive. But you can probably think of another way in which apps can boost your business, can't you?

Are you curious to see what the mobile revolution has in store for your enterprise? Give us a call and we will help you find out.

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