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There is now an app for every possible personal or professional task under the sun: from tracking your steps to your budget, investments, finances, spouse, kids, pets… the list is endless. Whether they are desktop or mobile-optimized, when done right, work apps have the potential to save us massive amounts of time and make previously time-consuming tasks trivial.

Fortunately, we have left behind the era when we considered Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook the only work productivity apps to use at the office. Today, there is a myriad of time- and resource-saving applications to choose from that you haven’t even heard of. Next, we discuss a few options for making your work day a little (or maybe a lot!) more pleasant.

Idea-enhancing apps

Future-minded organizations are already embracing the world of remote work, where virtual teams and video-conferencing are the norm. In this type of environments, team members are no longer sitting at the same office or at an office at all, but everyone is contributing and usually at higher rates than when they had a desk at a high-rise. This kind of modern office setup does present a few unique challenges, nevertheless. How can teams brainstorm and ideate when their members are almost never in the same room/city/country/continent/time zone? In the early days of the internet, e-knowledge base solutions were used to make insights available to those who needed them. Today, there are dedicated idea apps capable of managing much more than simple information organization.  

Ranging from desktop-only through mobile-responsive and fully mobile, ideation solutions can help you crowdsource innovation from your internal teams, extended partner networks, consumers, or the public. You can then map or visualize these ideas and collectively rate the best ones.  Examples of such apps include Skitch by Evernote, Xmind, SkipsoLabs,, Experiment board, Elevatr, Curator, Unstuck, and BrainSparker.

Thanks to advanced enterprise apps, generating innovative concepts today is a matter of selecting the right one to help you manage the process. Once you’ve done that, you would query your stakeholders, partners or consumers who are in the best position to advise you on potential improvements you can make to your service or product offerings. The app will do the rest, sorting through the input you’ve collected while you sit back and relax.

Culture-enabling apps

Once you’ve crowdsourced the next round of ground-breaking ideas, you would clearly want to share your progress with your stakeholder communities and keep them updated. Not to worry, there are apps for this too. Intranet apps are a hybrid of social media networks and document-sharing solutions, all in one. They are a great way to keep your teams informed of the latest internal company news, product launches, personnel changes, employee HR resources, internal contests and awards, and more. 

Workers can typically access such apps on their work machines and some of them also work well on mobile, through mobile-responsive web portals, or fully blown apps. Some examples include Staffbase, Bitrix24, Jostle, Jive Daily, Interact, and Unily.

Teamwork-enhancing apps

Often, the best work is done in teams and as they become more virtual and physically distributed, productivity apps can help keep everyone on the same page.

Box Notes is a solution that allows teams to exchange ideas; Microsoft Teams lets them stay in touch, set and track common milestones. Connectivity tools like Slack, Skype for Business, Ryver, and Rocket Chat help workgroups stay in touch, no matter where they’re located.

Productivity-enhancing apps

Once teamwork is flourishing thanks to your staff’s successful adoption of the app categories mentioned above, it’s time to think about helping people and groups become more productive in setting, tracking and achieving goals by making more advanced tools available to them. With web- and mobile-based apps like Google Analytics and PowerBI, business-critical KPIs and metrics can be jointly set, tracked and reported on, across geographies, product categories, brands, and channels. Office365, Sharepoint and Glasscubes all provide alternatives for effective task, project and knowledge management, facilitating much of the work that’s often manually done via other tools.

Not fully content with the office productivity apps out there? Why not build your own custom app; it’s easier than you think! Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Copywriter: Ina Danova

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