Mobile apps to ease your workday

Getting things done is much easier with some of the latest time-saving mobile apps on the market.

When it comes to making your working day easier, there isn’t a shortage of web-based and mobile applications competing to do just that, with most them available at no charge and a handful available as a symbolic one-time purchase or for a small monthly subscription. We’ve compiled the most useful and interesting ones for your reference.

Productivity Apps

Perhaps the most useful of all working tools, productivity apps promise to help you manage your workday better by offering time-saving features and functionality. HootSuite enables social media post scheduling and multiple channel posting at once, Geckoboard lets you track all your social media follower counts and mailing list subscriber numbers in one place. InVision lets you create fast and easy design mockups and user experience prototypes without needing a developer. And with Microsoft Office 365 apps for mobile devices you can view, edit, and create documents within the familiar Office interface, optimised for mobile phones and tablets.

Project Management and Team Collaboration Apps

Agile and scrum methodologies in project management are now easily implemented with the help of modern project management and ticket tracking apps, including Trello and Atlassian’s Confluence and JIRA. Workplace by Facebook facilitates decision-making, news, content and data sharing with fellow co-workers and is geared towards enterprises who don’t have their own intranets.

Connectivity Apps

Right along team collaboration apps are the so-called connectivity apps, which aim to ease the way we communicate by ensuring all members of a team are virtually available at any time and on any device. Whether that’s actually a positive development is up for debate, as the lines between work and personal time become ever so blurred. VoIP apps like Slack, Skype for Business, Highfive, and Google Hangouts are replacing phone conversations entirely. Small organisations and startups even use less professional apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber for conducting business. Even enterprise teleconferencing tools are starting to offer mobile apps, including Cisco’s Webex, Citrix’ GoToMeeting and apps, which eliminate the need for a physical or a virtual phone line for participating in group calls.

Storage Apps

When it comes to file storage, the alternatives on offer today for cloud providers are also growing. Market leaders WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive are joined by newcomers offering attractive storage space size and pricing ratios. Some of the standouts in this category include Box, Just Beam It, Minbox and Amazon Cloud Drive.

Payment Apps

In addition to the widely used Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Android Pay, there are a number of apps that are quickly establishing themselves on the market for mobile payments, including Venmo, Tilt, LoopPay and bitcoin wallet Blockchain. Even Facebook Messenger recently announced peer-to-peer payment functionality. PegusApps has experience developing custom payment fintech, such as Xengo and Easy Integrator for Worldline.

Ordering and E-commerce Apps

Ordering and online storefront apps like EasyOrder by PegusApps, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or Etsy take the guesswork out of doing e-commerce and make it effortless even for small business owners to market and sell their products online with minimal maintenance efforts. They can create their own branded e-shops accessible via the web and optimised for mobile or simply available as a separate mobile application. Uploading, updating and removing products, descriptions, images and prices takes mere minutes and doesn’t require any design or development skills.

Document Scanning Apps

The widespread usage of smartphones has, for the large part, eliminated the need for expensive and cumbersome office hardware, including scanners, faxes, copiers and printers. Apps like TinyScanner, FineScanner and the more recently introduced Office Lens by Microsoft turn your phone into a pocket scanner by enabling the creation, saving and sharing of PDFs and other format documents from simple photos taken with your high-resolution mobile phone camera.
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