Making the most of your 3D content on mobile

Put your 3D models to work on mobile devices

Got 3D models?

You might already boast an extensive existing inventory of 3D content or you might just be starting to build your portfolio of models. You might have thought about how you would use your models or you might still not have a clue about what you could do with them. Either way, there are limitless ways to present and make the most out of your 3D (CAD) files through mobile technology.

Read on for ideas on how to get more value out of your renderings.

What exactly can you do with your 3D content?

PegusApps has experience in developing mobile apps, featuring a custom-built 3D CAD viewer, which enables you to display your existing renders in the app without having to invest in further modifications. Configurations of 3D CAD models can be showcased immediately via interactive real-time visualisations.

This capability allows manufacturing and service organisations to offer sophisticated tools to their sales and marketing, maintenance and installation teams, embedding engineering, sales, ICT and technical data and functionality. PegusApps is able to build integrated tools, simultaneously serving various functions of your organisation with just one round of data imports.

Letting 3D propel your sales efforts

One example of such an app is TE360, which was developed as an advanced sales tool. To showcase the full portfolio of sensor solutions provided by TE Connectivity, PegusApps packed the app with rich-media content, from product animations to video guides, and installation instructions to global product catalogue information. The app easily impresses potential customers by presenting rotatable, explodable 3D product models, which come alive in a virtual tour.

Bringing CAD to mobile

CadAltro, another app built by PegusApps, integrates with all relevant, multi-format product data sources and specifically CAD/CAM systems. The app enables the utilisation of highly detailed, configurable 3D views of various file types on mobile devices, which has useful applications in the work of sales, marketing, and engineering.

One of the main features of CadAltro is the support of all types of CAD file formats without the need for conversion and loss of data quality. The app allows sales people to customize specific parts of a 3D model and present their customers with ad-hoc, real-time solutions.

Displaying 3D models

Another remarkable example of 3D usage in apps that PegusApps has developed is  This app uses augmented reality to display a 3D model in 360° view on top of an image marker. This functionality has many applications across different industries, including urban planning, civil engineering, building construction, manufacturing, logistics, medicine, publishing, clothing/fashion and more.

3D content applications for the construction industry

PegusApps is currently developing an innovative concept around building units, giving clients the ability to configure a building in 2D, and view a live 3D interactive rendering of the created structure as a result. One of the biggest benefits of being able to view such models in 3D is that it provides a more realistic interpretation of what an actual building looks like. The delay between drawing in 2D and viewing in 3D has also been eliminated.

Building materials can thus be presented immediately, and an accurate price quote – provided on the spot. This can be a game changer for salespeople, allowing them to estimate and offer to prospects a new type of fully customisable building system that uses standard components in real-time.

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