IoT: a new era in Healthcare

Find out which changes and benefits IoT will bring to this industry

Ever since human kind discovered technology, it has never stopped expanding. Just when you think it has reached its limits; it manages to surprise you on a whole new level – creating dozens of new opportunities and possibilities. That’s just what technology does, and what it’ll continue to do for a whole lot longer.

The advancing business technology that’s keeping us busy at the moment is one that can take many turns and help fix many problems in a wide variety of industries; we’re talking about the internet of things (also known as IoT).

But what exactly is IoT?

The idea is simple: take the internet and put it wherever it’ll make people’s lives and business structures easier and more efficient. How? It all starts by putting smart sensors in a certain object you want to collect useful data from. These sensors allow you to transfer that data, through the internet, towards its final destination. At the final destination; the obtained information can be pushed forward to other objects or can be directly used to people’s advantage.

Information is one of the most precious and valuable resources on earth. This means that this new way of interacting with data will open many new and effective paths. The possibility of controlling a certain object, filtering important information and creating bridges to other objects will get a whole lot easier and more intense; this allows your business to be much more focused and productive.

Welcome to the future of healthcare

The industries where IoT will surely leave its traces are the ones that are constantly looking for innovation, ways to excel and strategies to reduce costs tremendously. Along with the manufacturing, construction and transport industry, the healthcare industry will be one of the greatest players in the IoT-technology.

Just imagine a world where drones can pick up signals and deliver medical supplies at the place of accident in a much faster way than ambulances can – making it possible to save many lives that need quick help. Or, the creation of sensor-enabled pills that doctors can give to their patients – making the process of observing the condition and progress much more efficient and accurate, which on its terms results into a right and fast approach when determining a treatment.

An important thing to take into account is that health data is classified into the category of very sensitive data. Therefore, we at PegusApps are fully aware that the security around this type of data should be undoubtedly guaranteed in order to ensure that the outflowing results are safe and dependable.

The Motex app we developed connects via bluetooth with their smart knee brace, and provides feedback to the patient when he is doing his exercises. This allows him to perfectly follow doctor's instructions at home.

Reducing cost through IoT

Besides the fact that IoTs presence will make many processes easier and more efficient, it also helps to reduce the enormous costs the healthcare industry faces on a daily basis. We’ve listed two of the many game-changing solutions that will improve the way doctors and patients will interact with each other and will help decrease the expenses healthcare institutions have:

1. Remote patient monitoring

The first solution handles a major part of healthcare expenses which is: the treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma or heart failure. It’s undeniable that they are very present in our society and that they require a lot of supervision and care. This is where IoT’s entrance can make a real difference with a high impact and immediate results by remote patient monitoring. Besides chronic-disease management, remote patient monitoring will also play a big role in home care. The benefits of using IoT will result in both people’s lives and the healthcare expenses; a clear win-win situation.

Remote patient monitoring is expected to be one of the greatest saving opportunities in the healthcare industry with a total saving opportunity of more than 200 billion dollars.

2. Wearables that support behavior modification

The next solution deals with the overall lifestyle improvement of people where the healthcare industry can diminish their expenses by assembling IoT with wearables. There are many reasons why certain people may not be pleased with their current lifestyle and health. The potential disturbances that they’re facing can have a big influence on their life quality and will lead in many cases to frequent treatment. A few of these potential disturbances are: obesity, smoking and sleeping problems.

The upcoming technology of IoT makes it easier for these people to get a grip on their own lifestyle without having to make frequent appointments with their doctors. With health data within reach, it becomes easier for both patients and doctors to track the progress patients are making and follow up on their treatment.

The estimated time for IoT to reach mainstream adoption lies between 5 to 10 years. This means that right now is the ideal moment to invest in such technology in order to be part of the innovators or early adaptors in the adoption cycle. Are you trying to explore what IoT can mean to your enterprise? Contact us , we’re happy to help!

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