How business apps will help keep your enterprise big

Explore the benefits of a mobile strategy

The way we do business and communicate with employees, customers and even objects has truly changed over the last decennia. Two major reasons behind this gradual, yet rapid, change and growth we’re witnessing – day after day and company after company – are innovation and the adoption of technology.

A game-changer that walks hand in hand with upcoming technologies like IoT, augmented reality and virtual reality is mobile technology; a major contributor to digital transformation and a digital disruptor that doesn’t plan on stopping its growth anytime soon. There are currently more mobile phones on earth than there are people, and the number of users who are active on a daily basis is never-ending. It’s only a matter of time until mobiles phones outplay personal computers and laptops on many different fields through huge practical benefits like size, speed, weight, simplicity, accessibility, mobility and portability.

Now, as much as mobile technology is about making everything accessible through mobile phone, it’s also about allowing enterprises to reinvent what they’ve build up until that day. Besides, mobile presence isn’t just becoming a ‘nice to have’ but rather a necessity, something most future-oriented and solution-minded entrepreneurs are aware of.

It’s not just about building an app

It’s also about building and supporting a long-term mobile strategy towards a successful – and definitely highly competitive – future. We at PegusApps realize that the process of building enterprise apps is far from easy and that it standardly requires:

  • Great problem insight
  • Advanced software development 
  • Design skills
  • Intensive testing
  • Quality assurance

Many enterprises already have their own private enterprise app store with all the apps that their employees and customers use and according to Gartner, 25% of all enterprises will have one by 2017. By developing many different apps, they split up the problems and let one app at a time offer a few different steady and qualitative solutions instead of trying to fit too many problems in one app and having problems with all of them.

But what advantages will mobile app integration give you concretely in return? Let’s have a look at 3 main advantages that it’ll bring to your enterprise:

1.   Ease business processes – improve company flow

There are many traditional business processes in every enterprise that can be replaced and/or facilitated by enterprise apps, the integration of such apps make it possible to save a lot of money, time and effort. Take our case Skylift for example, one of the biggest brand independent services for elevator maintenance, who was looking for solutions to give their paper work orders a digital boost and integrate digital entry. They got rid of all their paperwork and enjoyed many benefits like better planning and communication with both employees and customers.

2.   Making investment worthwhile – reduce costs and increase ROI

Sure, developing one or several apps has its price tag, but bear in mind that mobile technology is an investment that will help your company reduce costs and increase ROI in just a matter of time. Both efficiency and productivity will play big roles in this process because of several reasons, two of them being:

Increase in employee satisfaction

Mobile technology helps an enterprise build a company culture where employees can work in different environments instead of being tied up to one place. Besides, unpleasant and repetitive tasks can be automated which reduces humanly made errors and allows employees to focus on the tasks that are more challenging and offer more added value to their job as well as to their personal development.

Real time customer service

Enterprise apps make it able for companies to be closer to their customers with fast information reporting. Typical information that a client may need to consult regularly (such as service history and upcoming service tasks, for example) can be reached or requested in no time. Furthermore, an enterprise app can create a familiar environment where clients can feel involved with the company and were they can get in touch with their contact person or the support team, something which on its terms increases the customer satisfaction and loyalty and which can improve the brand image (word-of-mouth advertisement).

3.   Create competitive advantage

The two previous advantages directly result into to the third one which is; having the competitive advantage by improving the way enterprises do business. A well-designed and effective mobile strategy will help your enterprise stay competitive on both technological and customer-oriented level; this eases in many cases the decision process of potential customers by making it an obvious choice to choose for your company.

Are you ready to explore what opportunities and possibilities mobile technology can bring to your company? We are glad to help you figure it all out, contact us and we’ll go from there.

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