Beyond IoT: making your wearable smarter with apps

Apps are fuelling and bringing to life connected devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already revolutionising B2B and B2C interactions and is quickly becoming ‘’business as usual’’ rather than a gimmick of the future, which is how this trend was perceived in its early, more conceptual days.

Connected wearables can create real value for businesses and organisations by harvesting data, analysing it and producing invaluable, actionable consumer insights.

Do you need an app for wearables?

Business leaders today know that genuine customer understanding is what sells products, services and ideas. Beyond inbound marketing, Big Data and social media, obtaining this level of deep understanding is challenging at best. The proliferation of wearable devices and their ubiquitous usage offers unique ways of collecting insights, which simply cannot be obtained through other means. This translates into new ways of engaging with consumers and influencing their buying patterns.

Making your app smarter

Wearables are becoming increasingly adept at measuring quantifiable metrics, like the number of steps taken, distance/speed, stride, gait, heart rate, body fat, perspiration, temperature, resting state, etc. by monitoring vital characteristics at all times. The technology behind this includes sensors, GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc. Soon they will also be able to routinely analyse blood and blood pressure, saliva, sweat, and other bodily fluid samples.

Without introducing smart logic behind these metrics, they will remain simple data and never progress to the state of offering meaningful and actionable insights. What good is it to know that your body fat percentage is 18% if you have no frame of reference on what is healthy and recommended for your age group, gender, height and weight? Apps for wearables aim to make it easier for users to interpret the data being measured. They also help businesses make sense of what is tracked and provide users with the correct recommendations so they can take the desired course of action.

The utility and intelligence built into the algorithms and software behind the gadgets we’re increasingly choosing to wear mean the difference between the perception of apps as useful companions and friendly life coaches vs. yet another piece of hardware we have to remember to charge.

PegusApps involves itself in all aspects of the development process, including:

  • Concept & Prototype creation
  • Wireframing
  • Design
  • Building your wearable’s app and backend software
  • Embedded software programming
  • Bluetooth / Wi-Fi connectivity

These services can be executed as an entire project or obtained a la carte, based on the client’s needs. 

The in-house experience of the PegusApps full-service development team means we can take your business through the entire development process with little to no technical knowledge, minimal direction and project management on your side. This capability translates into efficiency, optimal delivery speed and a seamless solution conceived, developed and maintained by a single team. The latter is crucial when developing wearables as all parts must communicate with each other without glitches.

PegusApps can build apps for these wearables, to name a few:

  • Smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)
  • Smart watches (both Apple Watch and Android devices)
  • Smart glasses
  • Fitness trackers & Sport watches
  • Health monitors
  • Head-mounted displays and headsets
  • Smart clothing & jewellery 
  • Implantables
  • Robotic devices

Looking for a partner to help you build your own IoT/wearable device?

PegusApps can assist you with this process from the get-go, as well as any decisions pertaining to the wearable’s behaviour and programming parts to establish the communication flow with the app and databases.

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