Let us inspire you in showing you the competitive advantage mobile connectivity may have in a manufacturing industry. When you place mobile connectivity in the center of your business strategy, a new era of opportunities introduces itself. Augmenting existing processes with mobility is delivering solid efficiency gains. Designing mobility into new production strategies, processes and procedures is bringing greater accuracy & speed to manufacturing centers. 

Gain more insights in machinery with connected mobile devices

Empower your operators

Mobile innovations allow factory operators to connect to their production line and have monitoring access to live data and insights from the machinery, enabling them to tweak processes, quickly solve production problems and improve factory output in no time.

New ways of communicating

Mobile connectivity between factory workers provides them with new ways of communicating with each other, making it easier to work together in solving problems and making the production line more efficient.

Making machines mobile

Also in hardware development, mobile connectivity has its benefits. Replacing custom developed hardware by connected mobile apps can save development and maintenance costs.


Case study: Picanol

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