Enterprise apps enable your business to operate in ways you never deemed possible. Every industry and line of business will soon work in astounding new ways.  PegusApps provides the services you need to elevate your business to the next level, and lead you into the connected future.

Streamlining card payments

Consider this: in the financial world there's still a lot of paperwork that goes around. Imagine all that paperwork being bypassed by a single mobile application. PegusApps can develop the application you need to streamline internal processes and cut costs in a variety of ways.

Mobile payments made Affordable

Accepting mobile payments, anytime, anywhere, for anyone. That was the basic idea behind the revolutionary Xengo Mobile Pay App we developed for Worldline. Xengo allows you to accept card payments on the road, in exhibitions, or just in your store.

The Xengo terminal connects to the app via bluetooth, making mobile payments affordable, simple and fast. And secure, because it is just as safe as the regular and more expensive card terminal.

CTEP protocol connects terminals and cash registers

Integrating CTEP, the protocol that is needed to make cash registers communicate with Worldine terminals, used to be an extremely time consuming job. Thanks to the frameworks PegusApps developed, integration time went from three weeks to less than a day. Moreover, the standardized procedure makes certification of the integration obsolete.

Case study: Worldline

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