Designing mobility into strategies and processes brings greater efficiency & speed to construction work. Over the past few years, we have built up an undeniable expertise when it comes to apps for the construction business.

Using mobile tools to improve work efficiency


One of our clients, Skylift, has hundreds of technical engineers in the field. With a mobile app we developed, every service employee on the road can login to check his schedule for the day, and also look up historical information on the building he is currently working on. Most importantly, thanks to the app technical engineers can fill out digital work orders that are sent directly to a cloud database, leading to a drastically improved work efficiency.

3D on Mobile

In a variety of professional fields, CAD (Computer-aided design) is an essential tool for engineers and sales representatives. As businesses head towards cloud-based computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more established in engineering, 3D tools will become an even more valuable resource to showcase and customize models on the go.

Augmented reality

Through augmented reality a sales representative showcase 3D model on top of a real-world setting. For example, with a swimming pool app the user can place a 3D pool in a potential customer's garden. Based on the position of the mobile tablet, and some magical calculations,the customer can experience what the swimming pool would look like in his own backyard. 

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