Innovating payment solutions

In Europe, Worldline is the reference player in the field of electronic payment and transactional activities. In order to keep its leading position, mobility and e-transactional services make up one of three cornerstones in its portfolio development. Through Xengo and C-TEP, PegusApps has played a considerable role in expanding Worldline's mobile activities.

Client Sheet

  • Payment solutions
  • Software Protocol
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Payment API

Payment Solution


Mobile payments made affordable

Accepting mobile payments, anytime, anywhere, for anyone. That was the basic idea behind the revolutionary Xengo Mobile Pay App we developed for Worldline. The Xengo payment solution allows you to accept card payments on the road, in exhibitions, or just in your store.

The mobile Xengo terminal connects to the app (both iOS and Android) via bluetooth, and uses your internet connection to transfer payments. In this way, mobile payments are made affordable, simple and fast. And secure, because it is just as safe and reliable as the regular and more expensive card terminal.

Xengo iOS app

Framework + app


Integrating CTEP, the protocol that is needed to make cash registers communicate with Worldine terminals, used to be an extremely time consuming job because of the complex integrations that needed to be made. PegusApps developed an intermediate framework to simplify this process greatly, and integration time went down from 3 weeks to less than a day. An iOS app has also been built to be used as standalone alternative for cash registers.
Integrating a payment terminal with a cash register has been made a whole lot easier. Complex integrations are now replaced with an easily integrateable framework.
  • “Working with PegusApps has been a very positive experience. They always successfully deliver what we require according to our business needs. Their project management and delivery process fully reflects the company and the products they develop: fast, effective, and very professional. We're also very appreciative of their flexibility and engagement to propose solutions based on our changing business needs. It is great working with a friendly and business-minded team.”

    Emily Allan, Project Manager Worldline

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