TE Connectivity

Making complex technologies tangible

PegusApps has developed a number of innovative sales and service applications for TE Connectivity, an international enterprise that designs and manufactures sensor solutions for a variety of complex industries. Ranging from a globally used sales app to an iOS-app that inspects the quality of fibercables, over the years we have helped TE Connectivity make a considerable impact.

Client Sheet

  • Mobile Sales Apps
  • 3D/CAD Viewer
  • Fibre Inspection App

sales app: te360

Take a tour through TE360

At PegusApps we gladly refer to TE360 as our flagship app. This comprehensive global sales app allows representatives to showcase their industrial telecom products in an interactive virtual tour. The app not only synchronizes documentation with the internal company servers but it also pops up videos from Brightcove and turns collected CAD-data into stunning 3D product animations representatives can configure on the spot. Moreover, during a meeting with clients, the sales rep can make notes in the app, allowing him/her to easily bundle everything in one central database.

Main features

3D CAD Viewer - Download Center - Auto updates - Android & iOS - Region specific content - Virtual Tour for sales talk - Setup Screens - Channel Partner & Internal version - Bookmarking - Easy File browsing

Documents on the go

Sales representatives have access to all data and documents from anywhere. Configurations for 3D CAD models can be showcased immediately in interactive real-time visualisations.

Offline access

Users don't need to be online to use the app. All required information is always accessible, also when there is no internet connection available. This offers them careless comfort.

TE360 Sales App Android version
  • “The TE360 sales app is used globally by TE sales people, and helps configure products in 3D according to customer specifications, and has all collateral data constantly at hand, both online and offline. By digitizing all this data ,TE saves a yearly print cost between 2M$ - 3M$. All of this would never be the case without PegusApps. Their mentality to find a specific customer solution together with their flexibility to build all of this into an app is both refreshing and motivating!”

    Davy Bockx, IT Project Manager, TE Connectivity

automotive: te sensor app

Showcasing sensor accuracy

TE Connectivity also commissioned us to develop a sales app for their Automotive business unit. The company has a department that makes sensors for some of the most popular car brands, and through a well designed sales app, they wanted to prove the accuracy of their sensors. The TE Sensors app for iOS communicates with the sensors through built-in bluetooth modules and visualizes the data in insightful graphs. By including 3D models of the sensors and the car models, sales representatives can now visualize how the meters work, without having to bring an actual car to the meeting.
TE Sensor App

fiber inspector app

Inspecting Fiber quality

In the past, determining the quality of fiber cables required the use of expensive machinery. Thanks to the TE Fiber Inspector, all it takes nowadays is an app and a special iPhone lens to connect with the fiber cable. Using our specially developed free service app, every technician can immediately detect scratches on the cable via the camera of his iPhone. The app also allows TE Connectivity to gather data and insights on all fiber cables on the market.
Fibre Inspection app
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