Improving business by replacing traditional processes with an app

Service companies that are using work orders, get to handle a lot of paper and administrational work. PegusApps built an app for SkyLift that digitizes these processes, optimizes their work schedule and improves the communication between office staff and employees. The app reduces costs drastically and increases work efficiency.

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  • Mobile Service App
  • Digital work orders
  • Plan more efficiently
  • Improved communication


Elevator maintenance on a higher level

Many service companies still are working with paper work orders. Employees of these companies have to take out their papers several times a day for their administration and planning. This is not only tedious and time consuming for them, it also creates a lot of extra work in the internal administration of the company, where the papers have to be manually entered into the central computer system. Copying text like this also increases the risk of errors. Skylift, one of the biggest brand independent service for elevator maintenance, was looking for a way to handle these orders more efficiently and quicker. The SkyLift app that PegusApps has built enables a digital entry of work orders. This  immediately resulted in a better planning and communication.

Digital work orders

Employees of Skylift register their working hours, and have them validated by the customer. Previously, this was done through paper work orders. Back in the company, these paper orders needed to be manually entered in their administration software.
Now everything happens in one motion. Employees can further supplement the centrally prepared digital data on their tablet. The customer can digitally validate - signature included - and all data is sent directly to a central server. This gets rid of duplicate entries and copying paper to digital information afterwards.

SkyLift work orders app


A second step that SkyLift took towards digitalisation is adding a digital planning to the app. A employee can see his planning at home and can directly drive to his first assignment. His planning can also easily be modified during the day, depending on emergencies. Because of this digital planning, he can easily manage his work during the day. Improving upon efficiency is not only advantageous for the company, employees are glad that they can work with the best tools to simplify their work.

Information sharing

A third part of the SkyLift app is added information about their customers and elevators. An employee can easily see all related information for any elevator type. He can see the service history, and upcoming service tasks. Having this up-to-date information at hand, has led to employees needing to make less calls to the office. They can do their work faster, the customer is served more efficiently and the SkyLift organisation runs smoother. SkyLift has experienced that digitalizing has a positive impact on their organisation.


Employees are also able to communicate through the app. When an alarm is reported at the central, it’s possible to send this alarm with a single click to the nearest technician. The technician receives this message on his tablet, and can take action immediately because he has all necessary information available in the app.

"With PegusApps, we found a perfect partner to digitize our process flow: flexible, high quality and cost-conscious. Both we and our clients are very satisfied with the new app."

Arne Herrebrugh
Processmanager SkyLift

Benefits of digital work processes

After using the app for two years, SkyLift reduced costs and increased efficiency much more than expected. The investment for developing the app was recouped twice over, and employee satisfaction increased considerably. SkyLift can offer solutions to their customers much quicker, the margin of error was scaled down and their ecological footprint reduced because there's no need to print out work orders anymore.

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