About PegusApps

Established in 2012, PegusApps is a fast growing enterprise apps builder. From automating manual tasks to constructing new and added customer value, we aid in boosting productivity, minimizing costs, and delighting clients and partners with innovative mobile apps.

helping you reinvent your future

Our mission is to get ahead, and stay ahead of the competition. We don’t just mobilize business processes, we transform them. We build app and solutions to reinvent your business processes, systems and data in the light of the rapidly evolving mobile world. We strive to help you minimize costs and risks while maximizing your company's efficiency and value.

PegusApps is based in Belgium and has a small team of expert professionals. We are proud to be working for esteemed clients such as TE, Wordline, Atlas Copco, Locinox, Barco, Picanol, and more.